In my own wonderland

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I have this dream sometimes. In this dream, my life is smooth and ordered, purposeful. Everything has a reason and everything is in its place. I am no longer afraid. Because somehow, in this dream, I left my old self behind. The person who is searching for something to fill that dark hole inside of them and quiet their loss. In this dream, I am not alone. Someone else is there. All of me is moving towards this person. This person obscured but most definitely there and I feel my fears beginning to lift off of me like fog rising from a lake.

And then I wake up. Is it wrong to want to find someone that can see inside of you. Into the darkest corners of your heart and still love you?

                                                             - Grimm Love (2006)


All OUAT in Wonderland characters and their Disney Counterparts



I just had a thought

I was re-watching OUATiW 1x06 Who’s Alice and Will gave his little speech about why he never put his heart back in



"Not feeling anything’s an attractive option when what you feel sucks"


Poor Will :(